Zig Group

Zig Group is the exclusive sales representative of UP3D, Sprintray, Phrozen, FlashForge and Photec products in Middle east and is a leader in digital equipment of dental clinics and dental laboratories with CAD / CAM technology in Middle east along with the technical and professional team with the certificates provided by It is on the side of the mentioned companies.
Zig group Company have a biggest dental laboratory and one of the companies active in importing digital dental and dental equipment, has been committed to understanding and meeting the needs of customers since 2009, so according to the technical staff and industrial and medical engineers, It has made a practical connection between the dental industry and the manufacturing and engineering industry, and has created very useful solutions within the framework of national and international standards, as well as the rules and regulations of the general directorate of medical equipment.
The management of the company, while announcing its commitment and ensuring the understanding and implementation of the policy by all employees and engineers, assures its customers that in zig group Company, nothing is more valuable than fulfilling their demands. It is hoped that this company will be able to fulfill all its obligations within the framework of ethics and values, so that it will always serve the field of treatment.